Consulting and Advising

Calloni & Ambrosoli provide effective consulting services to meet our clients’ needs.  In addition to the traditional formulas for the management of legal disputes and the drafting of legal opinions, we offer specific packages for our clients which include:

a) arranging meetings at the client’s premises, with an agreed calendar, in order to examine the legal affairs connected to the client’s business

b) the relocation of members of our team to the client’s premises, to provide continuous and reliable legal advice specific to the client’s needs

c) the provision of consultancy services to the client, on the basis of specific economic agreements

d) the organization of our legal services within the client’s corporate structure.

The idea is that only legal services which we have structured within the client’s own business can promote the client’s perception of our ‘legal service’ as being an integral part of their business –  rather than being a cost incurred for the resolution of legal issues on an ad hoc basis.

Calloni & Ambrosoli also provide the more traditional legal services such as legal opinions and help clients adopt the standards and rules necessary to comply with the regulations concerning their business, manage contractual negotiations and draft contracts.

On behalf of our clients, we deal with problems concerning receivables, providing preliminary verification services of the reliability and solvency of the counterparties and, in the case of unfulfilled obligations, manage debt recovery with procedures aimed at balancing the impact of bad debts against the cost of recovery.


Calloni & Ambrosoli have a traditional and consolidated experience in the management of litigation, including both ordinary judgments and arbitration proceedings. Prof. Matteo Ambrosoli has solid experience as an arbitration lawyer and as an arbitrator, and receives assignments from both private individuals and the President of the Court of Milan.


Calloni & Ambrosoli assist their clients in corporate law matters, providing advice on the functioning of corporate bodies, on issues concerning relations between shareholders, on extraordinary transactions and on crisis management. We act on behalf of directors and auditors in cases of liability.

Real Estate

Calloni & Ambrosoli advise companies and individuals in real estate acquisitions, dealing with due diligence, negotiations, drafting of contracts (sale, leasing, etc.), arranging the financing necessary and the execution of contracts. In this context, it has also developed competencies in dealing with tenders, both private and public, and in related legal problems. Our expertise includes the management of legal disputes arising from real estate transactions.


Our law firm provides advice and consultancy in the preparation of business contracts. Over the years, we have acquired significant experience with regard to commercial distribution, lease, company rental, agency, mandate and shipping contracts.


Calloni & Ambrosoli has, among its clients, financial institutions and advises management on banking litigation, with the firm’s significant expertise under the guidance of  Avv. Prof. Matteo Ambrosoli, who, among other subjects, lectures in Banking, insurance and financial market contracts.


Calloni & Ambrosoli has several insurance companies as clients, to which it provides legal advice and on whose behalf it deals with judicial litigation. In particular, it has developed expertise in the sector of guarantees (sureties and autonomous guarantee contracts), placing itself as one of the leading law firms in this area.


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